Guidelines for authorship

Co-authorship Guidelines: Providing written content to outline, manuscript, figures, tables, or substantial edits to the manuscript. Authorship order - For middle authors that contributed equally, assign order by random number generator. Indicate contributor roles to the project using CRediT Taxonomy (Contributor Roles Taxonomy ( Providing/confirming affiliation prior to manuscript submission within approx 2 weeks of being notified. Endorsing final content of manuscript within given approx 2 weeks of being notified.

Physcraper Demo

Background: What is a phylogeny and why is it the hot stuff in Biology. Making a phylogeny. Getting genetic data. By yourself! From public databases, Genbank Getting a starting homology hypothesis. Construct your own! Get one from TreeBASE Getting a published genetic tree. Google scholar OpenTree Physcraper:

High-dimensional data in phylogenetics

What is high-dimensional data? The concept of high-dimensionality applies to data sets that contain a high number of variables, so high that it often surpasses the population sample size. For example, when the number of genes affecting a phenotypes is higher than the number of people the genetic data was drawn from. This is a statistical problem. Check these:,tens%20of%20hundreds%20of%20samples. From the previous post: «Each added variable results in an exponential decrease in predictive power.

Open Tree of Life curation tools

Useful links OpenTree curation drive folder

iNaturalist phylogenies

Getting chronograms and geographic distribution maps for species in iNaturalist projects.


Getting phylogenetic trees on the fly for education and outreach. An overview of the [Phylotastic]( project.